December 20, 2023

Steam Year in Review 2023

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Steam recently put out their year in review. If you know me, you know I LOVE metrics. In what is one of the best years in gaming in the last decade, I played 67 games on Steam with 52 of them being new. The only other console I have is the Switch which I do play on occasionally but I mainly game on the PC.

My top games were not surprisingly Baldur’s Gate 3 with over 200+ hours, Fall Guys which I played every month of the year, and Disco Elysium and RE4R.

Not much of a surprise to those that know me that survival horror was my top genre of the year. I always do love a good mystery and strong narrative with a side of dark humor. Rhythm probably comes from games like Hi-Fi Rush. I did not play a lot of open world survival craft but I did dip my feet into Subnautica and Valheim which are not really my type of game. I dropped both of them quickly.

This bar chart of my playtime by month is interesting if only to me because it shows where my focus was during those months. Jan and Feb I was living in St Pete FL and was basically a recluse spending most of my day playing games in my apartment when I wasn’t out enjoying the weather or doing Uber. I also played a lot of backlog titles during this time, including Disco Elysium.

March I spent a good chunk of time with my family and planned my return trip to CT. April I was back in CT and spent a lot of time learning about AI art and writing a book which extended into May.

June-July I was gaming almost exclusively on my Switch playing Zelda and a few other titles. It wasn’t until Baldur’s Gate 3 released in August that I got back into gaming on my PC and continued through the fall with my longest streak being 64 days in a row!

Now to close out this short blog post with a zoomed out snapshot of the games I played this year. I hope 2024 is a slower year if only so I can catch up on the games I still didn’t get to play in 2023!

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